Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Inaugural Post

I have not blogged since back in the days of Xanga (it was before twitter, facebook, and even myspace.)  I am starting this blog for many yet undiscovered reasons but the idea was spurred by my realization that I do not keep up with my friends very well and get tired of retelling the same story to all of them as well as my lack of good long-term memory and having too many thoughts to contain in my head.  I then figured it would be a great addition to my Venus Artistry business grind for people to get to know me better, be inspired, learn new things, see what I am up to, etc. etc.  That means I could blog about anything from best new hip hop tracks (aka the “Venus Exclusives”), or a Photoshop tutorial, perhaps a movie review, or just my random opinions and philosophies on life. Anyways..I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.